Boosting The Loading Speed Of Your Word Press Blog

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Many individuals have a website that is not improved for running rate.

One of the issues of a WordPress website is – the more plug-ins you set up the more intense the running rate will get.

To avoid decrease of your blog’s running rate you can use plug-ins that will help you mixing and minifying your CSS and JavaScript.


Using The W3 Complete Storage cache Tool To Increase The Loading Speed

Using the W3 Complete Storage cache plugin, a cookieless website and the capability of W3TC to shop the fixed articles (CSS/images/JavaScript) via the self-hosted FTP choice are the key to get a The search engines Web page Pace ranking of 90 and more for your website.

What you should do to enhance the running speed?

After setting up and initiating (maybe changing some configurations, too) all the plug-ins you want for your website, you should take a look at the resource value of your website to discover out which CSS information and JavaScript are getting packed.

Most periods the CSS and JavaScript information are in the headlines. Let’s say we have 8 CSS information and 8 JavaScript information.

We all should know that running JavaScript information in the headlines are reducing down the running procedure and making the website properly will slowly down, too.

The best remedy for running JavaScript information is placing them to the end of your value. Study more about this at the Google Creator System.

ATTENTION!!! If the JavaScript uses papers.write to place element of the page’s articles, do not switch it from the go.

Settings In The Internet visitor Storage cache Area Of The W3 Complete Storage cache Plugin

When the W3TC plugin is set up and in it’s standard condition there are some configurations that need to be tested.

– Set comes to an end headlines, Set cache management headlines and Set company tag (eTag) triggered in all 4 areas.

– Allow HTTP (gzip) pressure triggered in Common and Advertising & Other Files areas.

That’s it. Preserve changes and set up it.

W3 Complete Storage cache And.htaccess Files

To get elements operating as you need it you have to get some.htaccess information and other “Tools” installed/configured.

Head over to the Install element of the W3TC plugin.

In it everything is described well, so you should normally get no issues. In situation you have any issues you can examine with The search engines or publish your issue at the WordPress message board.

Activating Minfy And The Content Shipping System Options

Now go to your W3 Complete Storage cache Common alternatives and switch on Minify and Content Shipping System. Select Self-hosted / Computer file Exchange Method Publish for your CDN configurations.

W3 Complete Storage cache Common Options

Save changes and switch on to the next phase.

Combining And Minifying CSS And JavaScript Files

First we should incorporate all CSS information to one file and get it minified.

Add all CSS information that your website is running to the W3 Complete Storage cache Minify CSS choice.

Press Preserve changes and do as instructed of W3 Complete Storage cache. It’s really simple.

Okay, now we will get a put together and minified CSS file.

In the same W3 Complete Storage cache plugin section (Minify) you can add your JavaScript information to get them put together and minified. It’s right above the Flowing Design Linens choice.

W3 Complete Storage cache Minify JavaScript

Add every JavaScript your website is running that you want to be put together and minified. Not every JavaScript performs when minified, so you should analyze which is operating minified.

Save changes and again… do as instructed of W3 Complete Storage cache to get one put together and minified JavaScript file.

Now that you have only one CSS and one JavaScript file, that is at the end of your (X)HTML value, your website should fill a lot quicker now.

Preparing The Content Shipping Network

Well, before you can use the CDN choice you need to place your FTP details, and if a direction if you need.

In my situation, since I am using a sub domain that goes into a listing of my cookie less website and I am linking to the FTP with the major person, I need to set the direction.

When you packed your FTP login name, FTP code and all other configurations are appropriate you should press Test FTP hosting server.

If everything went OK (Test passed) you can press Preserve changes.

Maybe you have to perform with Inactive Method and/or SSL configurations, if they are reinforced by your host/server.

After the relationship from your website to the FTP hosting server is operating you need to press on publishing accessories into the Advertising collection and then dispatching media collection to CDN.

Now a pop up will begin and you just need to press Start. The media collection information will now get released to your CDN (self-hosted FTP).

Exporting The Combined And Minified And Other Files

In my configurations I have tested the following in the Common CDN Options:

* Coordinator wp-includes/ files

* Coordinator style files

* Coordinator minified CSS and JS files

* Coordinator customized files

The customized information is identified in the Innovative configurations.

W3 Complete Storage cache CDN Innovative Settings

You can see that I have included the listing wp-content/plug-in/* to get the whole plug-ins listing released to the FTP Server. I did that mainly because of the Bookmarks plugin.

Now it’s a chance to move the information.

W3 Complete Storage cache Exporting Other Files

Click on the option Publish contains information and a pop up will begin. Have a look at out Will get the wp-include information released.

Next is Publish style information, then Publish minifying information and the last one is Publish customized information.

After dispatching you should press set up and then clear all caches.

The configurations in the areas Data resource Storage cache, Item Storage cache and User Broker Categories were not modified.

Testing The Loading Pace Of Your Blog

Okay, a chance to analyze everything.

For me the procedure went sleek and well. The running rate enhanced a lot and it was value time I had to invest to get it operating like it is now. FAST.


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